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Λ. Κηφισίας 196, Κηφισιά - Αττική 14562 - ΕΛΛΑΔΑ E: info@odefinefoods.com www.odefinefoods.com
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Our Company

ODE Fine Foods was created in praise of the Greek land and dedicated to all those who are looking to include its amazingly beneficial products in their diet.

Our vision is to create a pioneering company that will produce high quality innovative products of oil, honey and herbal remedies.

Every day we try to produce high quality products that include the best tasting experience. We place great emphasis on global design trends and new achievements in cultural donation and enrich our experience on a daily basis by ensuring that our final products are exactly as we have imagined and make our clients happy.


Our Brand

ODE (from Ancient Greek: ᾠδή ōdḗ) is a type of lyrical stanza which was originally performed with musical accompaniment and celebrated the people, the nature and the ideas of the time. We named our products ODE as a true and honest reflection of our country’s enviable culinary heritage and our own personal obsession with quality. Their visual identity followed suit, with a logo inspired by the irregular odes sang in ancient greece and a packaging that makes them resemble fine works of art.

The design of our ODE Golden and Limited range pays homage to the one thing that all art has in common: the frame. The containers are painted leaving a “see through” window that enhances and defines the product without overpowering it. Just like a great frame made for a great work of art.

The ODE premium range boasts an earthier feel, taking inspiration from the symmetry found everywhere in nature – and one of the most prevalent themes in art for cultures all over the world and throughout human history.



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