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Ιωάννου Μεταξά, Λεπτοκαρυά - Πιερία ΤΚ 60063 - ΕΛΛΑΔΑ
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The journey of MYST® begins at the end of October, which is the ideal harvest period. Depending on the desired result in taste, olives may be harvested at any point during the ripening season. We prefer the early harvest when the fruit is still unripe and green.
Even though the production is lower at this stage, the olives impart a more fruity and pungent note to the olive juice, while, at the same time, contributing to our health by being higher in polyphenols and antioxidants.


At harvest, the olives are collected with great care and stored in crates to ensure their perfect condition. The pressing of the olives is strictly finalized within 24 hours from harvesting, in order to be conserved and maintain all their beneficial substances intact. The olives are cold-pressed in a technologically sophisticated 2-phase mill, without ever exceeding 27°C, resulting in an olive juice with exceptional aromas and taste.
Before being bottled, the olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks for a short period of time, which allows for a natural sedimentation under ideal conditions. Thus, the unfiltered MYST® extra virgin olive oil is finally ready for you to enjoy.
The MYST® olive oil is 100% single varietal and exclusively grown on the foothills of Olympus.

Food Management System
ISO 22000:2005
MYST® products are bottled by a certified facility ISO 22000, delivering the ‘Pierias Tree’ variety, which flourishes only on the foothills of Olympus.
Committed to excellence in all aspects, each MYST® is bottled individually by our devoted personnel, whereas both the pressing and packing processes are certified to ISO 22000.
This International Standard ensures that the facility has the ability to control food safety hazards in order to guarantee the safety of food at the time of human consumption.
The most advanced and exclusively physical production systems, such as cleaning, washing, grinding, centrifugation and filtration in the best thermal conditions (with cold extraction) are being used so that there is no alteration or loss of the products’ natural components.


Ever since the times of Pharaohs in 2000 BC, gold has been considered as food able to win the favour of Gods. According to the ancient alchemist concepts, gold possesses legendary powers which contribute to a long and vital life. Olive oil is often referred to as “liquid gold.” So to emphasise the point, MYST added 24 karat edible golden flakes from the finest varieties.
MYST® GOLD olive oil with 24 karats, eating 24 karats is harmless. The gold is considered “biologically inert,” meaning it passes through the digestive tract without being absorbed. Eatable gold as a food supplement is listed as E-175.


MYST® is designed and established on the basis of selectiveness, quality and design, all at excellent value.
Our products unite outstanding natural quality and extraordinary sculptural design.
Our vision is to continuously seek for such products and deliver extra special qualities with regard to their taste, aromas and unique nutritional ingredients.
We strive for creating one of the finest premium food brands in the world.

A long family tradition
From 1950, our family raised between olive groves in a territory of ancient tradition in the production of olive oil. The area is also known for the glorious mountain “The Olympus, the home of gods”.
For more than 65 years, love and respect for the land and the attention to quality, we dedicated in the cultivation of the olive trees and the production of extra virgin olive oil.
In 2014 the CEO John Tsapanidis was inspired the idea of MYST.

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