Aulis Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Φάρου 1, Βαθύ Αυλίδας - Εύβοια 34100 - ΕΛΛΑΔΑ E:
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Aulis Olive Oil Bottle Company

Aulida or Aulis in ancient Greek is a small city located in Euboea which according to the myth, was the place to which Agamemnon’s fleet set sail for Troy. The favorable wind blew for a second time and created the “Aulis” company. Aulis is a family-owned olive oil bottle company.

Founded in 2019 by Konstantinos Tasias and Marina Κorlou, two individuals which share the love for a healthy diet based upon the value and wisdom of tradition and the goods that their land generously offers, such as olives and olive oil.

Initially started as a hobby, the constant pursuit of high quality and high nutritional value of Greek virgin olive oil has now become a full-time job. One of the reasons was the ex-colleagues and friends of Konstantinos from abroad that share his passion for the “Greek basket” and urged him to take it as far as he can.

As a result, they both now live and work in Aulida or otherwise “Aulis”. Our logo is illustrated by the deer, which is the sacred animal of the goddess of vegetation & haunting, known as “Artemis”.

Aulis is a recognized Greek Olive Oil bottle company by the Ministry of Agriculture under the code EL 40710 and meets the requirements of HACCP, ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 22000: 2005.

Combining tradition with innovation, Aulis has installed nitrogen equipment in its facility. As a result, Aulis olive oil preserves all the organoleptic characteristics both during storage as well as during the bottling stage while machinery contributes to its fast and accurate standardization. Our bottling company is equipped with a nitrogen facility.

Our bottling company is equipped with a nitrogen facility.

Filling our tanks and sterilize our bottles with nitrogen we ensure that our olive oil keeps all its aromas and beneficial elements, hence providing a high and guaranteed quality to our product.

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