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Ageras is Greek for “wind”, an essential element for our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Ageras Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from the wind-pollinated Koroneiki variety of olives.

Our olive groves are located in Martha, a village in central Crete. In a circle of purity, the wind, the Cretan soil, and the Mediterranean sunlight combine to give the rare quality and taste of our olive oil.



Origins – The Art Of Tradition

In the village of Martha, the art of olive oil production is handed down from one generation to the next, focusing on the methods that the healthy nutrients will best be preserved.

“Ελιά απ’ τον παππού σου, αμπέλι από δικούς σου” According to the old village saying “olives from your grandfather, grapevines from your folks”, residents of Martha signify the importance of locally growing, producing and enjoying everything they need in life – olive oil and wine.




With about 180 inhabitants, the village of Martha stands at a height of 400 metres above sea level and is situated 45 km south of Crete’s capital, Heraklion. Ageras Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from 800 trees spread over family-owned land of 20 hectares around the village. The southern salty winds coat, nourish and enrich the olives with fresh Mediterranean salt, which leads to the optimal oil extraction circumstances and create an olive oil ideal for pairing with fish and pasta dishes, according to olive oil sommelier Charalambos Papadimitriou.




During the early winter months our olives are picked at their peak of ripeness, collected in hessian fabric sacks, and transported to the oil mill within 24 hours.


The village’s oil mill ensures that Ageras EVOO’s acidity levels stay well below 0,4% and protects its nutritious ingredients by the cold extraction procedure of under 27oC / 80.6oF.


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