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“Olive Oil Tasting Fair & Fundraiser” had a… Greek taste this year!

Greek producers participate in the event for the first time under the organization of Yanni's Olive Grove!

On June 22, during the 5th Annual US Olive Oil Conference,  the North American Olive Oil Association and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes hosted the Olive Oil Tasting Fair & Fundraiser at The Harvard Club of New York.


More than 100 VIP olive oil buyers from retailers, brokers and distributors in the U.S were invited. The Tasting Fair was organized by Mr. Joseph Profaci ( Executive Director North American Olive Oil Assn. ) and it was a fundraiser for the organization “Beyond Type 1”.



Attendees had a unique opportunity to taste award-winning extra virgin olive oils from international competitions, such as the Mario Solinas and NYIOOC awards, served by the world-famous olive oil taster Mrs. Alexandra Devarenne. Also, Mr. Georgios Michailidis (Consul – Trade Commissioner of the Greek embassy in New York) visited the event, and he congratulated the “Greek team”. He said, that we are “a pioneer team” and he will do everything he can to support our effort.


Among them were five Greek multi-awarded EVOOs, which were united as a team for the first time, by YANNI’S OLIVE GROVE.

The tasting of the “Greek EVOO Team”. was hosted by Mrs. Evi Prodromou.  The team members were:


–                    ELAWON EVOO from Peloponnese

–                    KONSTAS EVOO from Attiki

–                    PAMAKO EVOO from Crete

–                    THE GOVERNOR EVOO from Corfu

–                    YANNI’S FINEST EVOO from Chalkidiki


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