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Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Mythocia Koroneiki Variety) – Papadopoulos Olive Oil Mill

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Koroneiki variety is among the most famous and common Greek olive oil varieties producing a dense, high quality olive oil with a rich taste. Mythocia Koroneiki Variety is an extra virgin olive oil made strictly from selected groves in the region of Ancient Olympia. A medium fruity and absolutely balanced bitter and spicy high quality EVOO that is sure to give out an exceptional taste.

Mythocia Koroneiki Variety resulted by our careful process of milling gives away a smooth and mild, delicate, elegant flavor, mellow yet rich. A slight bitterness and fruitiness Greek extra virgin olive oil.

Mythocia Koroneiki Variety is ideal for everyday use either in cooking or finishing. It offers the benefits of a high quality extra virgin olive oil, the most valuable aspect in the Mediterranean Diet. Ideal for fish, salads, pasta, rice, baking and desserts.


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