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Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Chef’s Edition) – Papadopoulos Olive Oil Mill

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Chef’s Edition is an ideal EVOO suitable for large consumption in all kinds of cuisines. A precious liquid to indulge your customers in an extraordinary experience of unique tastes. It is addressed to professional food experts who want to display special flavors in their dishes. What could be better on salads, fish, poultry and more? Both the delicious pairings and possible uses are limited only by your creativity and imagination.

After tasting this EVOO, you will be impressed by its harmonious composition. Chef’s Edition offers uniquely combined flavors and aromas such as tomato leaves, fresh herbs and fresh cut grass.

Chef’s Edition EVOO is ideal for everyday use, both for cooking and finishing. It offers you and your customers a high quality of extra virgin olive oil, the most valuable and healthy aspect of the Mediterranean Diet. It will lift up the dish of your choice and it will definitely make an impression to anyone who tastes it. Ideal for fish, pesto, eggs, baking/preparing desserts, popcorn, mayonnaise or tender salad greens. It is a true chef’s delight.



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