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The idea for Prekas Traditional Products was formed in 1993, when Kostas Prekas took over the store located in the heart of Hermoupolis, the capital town of Syros island, in the Cyclades complex. Restless and Greek gastronomy enthusiast, turned an old grocery shop, dating back before to the 1940’s, into a modern grocery store of locally-grown products. 

Driven to retrieve traditional and probably forgotten recipes of Syros’ culinary, find their ingredients for his store, while collecting local and regional goods from various places in Greece, he decided to create his own facilities in order to manufacture, label and distribute quality, Greek products. Thus, the aim to promote the healhty, Greek traditional diet through local goods, led to creating the facilities of Prekas Traditional Products. Located in a former textile factory, at the once thriving industrial zone of Hermoupolis, which neighbors to an old flour mill and a former pasta factory, the facilities manufacture exceptional products from Syros and the rest of the Cyclades islands, such as fennel paste, caper paste, sun-dried tomato paste and sea fennel.

The goods manufactured by Prekas Traditional Products travel all over Greece. The store provides a wide array of products, like various types of Greek pasta, fennel pesto, pastelaries (dried figs with almonds and sesame seeds), sun-dried tomatoes, salt, caper, Syros crushed olives with fennel, herbs, but also an extensive range of traditional products and recipes from around Greece. The variety also includes local honey, many types of cheese from different farmers and locations, olive oil, salted products, as well as local cheeses like San Michalis, the top of Syros-made ones. Moreover, the store provides artichokes in olive oil, the famous Syros loukoumi, traditonal rusks, a carefully chosen selection of wines, liqueurs and spirits from the islands of the Cyclades and many more. All exclusively picked over their quality and flavor.


The endless quest for goods of authentic traditional flavors and recipes, in order to distribute them around Greece, as well as export them abroad, led to setting up the Prekas Traditional Products facilities, for the manufacturing and labeling of high quality natural food products from Syros and the rest of the Cyclades islands.

Working with growers and collecting exquisite local plants and fruits in Syros land, Prekas Traditional Products, under the watchful eye and personal work of the owner, manufactures and distributes products bearing its own brand name, implementing up-to-date production process and storage. 

Since the beginning, the philosophy of Prekas Traditional Products has been to establish the circle “farming-processing-distribute”, aiming at making quality certified products. By that reasoning, and monitoring international developments, Prekas Traditional Products supports contract farming arrangements with local farmers in sesame, caper, sea fennel and more, ensuring the good quality of the raw material, while supporting growers throughout the farming process. 

Taking into account that manufacturing and packaging are of major importance for promotion strategies and product distribution, Prekas Traditional Products focused on settling its manufacturing facilities in a unique establishment in Hermoupolis, the capital town of Syros Island, meeting the modern specifications and standards. 

Being true to the vision of reliable connection between production and consumption and sense of responsibility to consumers, the products meet quality standards and establish in the world the unique gastronomic wealth of the Cyclades.

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