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Pelada Ouzo and Tsipouro embody the very freedom and heroics of the town of Messolonghi. The name “Pelada” came from the experience of watching local fishermen sit at their “pelades”, the wooden huts that are built on the water, where they would sit with their friends and family and relax after a long day, cook the catch of the day, drink, enjoy the sunset, breathe in the fresh air and feel the overall sense of space, serenity and freedom.

Pelada Ouzo and Tsipouro embrace the very spirit of Greece and once consumed bring one’s inner peace to surface.

The Mastic present in Ouzo is a traditional root that has been used for centuries for its therapeutical properties and can only be produced and accessed on the island of Chios, Greece. On the other hand the eclectic grapes used to create the Tsipouro are unique and special their smooth taste takes you to different heights of pleasure.

Our company, GP Pelada Imports LLC, is honored to bring these ” ancient god” nectars to you.

We have created an experience that will entice the taste buds of those bold enough to relax and take a journey to a world known to just a few.

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