Pasta Corfu Makaronopiimata

17A, Polihroniou Konstanta str., Corfu 49100, Greece E:
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In 2009, Corfu Town acquired its first fresh pasta shop. It has a curious name, “Makaronopiimata Pasta Corfu“, which translated means Macaroni Creations.

At the shop, you’ll find a full range of fresh pasta from spaghetti to tagliatelle, papardelle, tagliolini, ravioli, elbow macaroni, lasagna, canneloni and more, in many different shapes and flavours. All the products are prepared in the traditional way, with particular attention and care, using only the finest ingredients – durum wheat flour, eggs, salt, milk, carrots, spinach, tomatoes – with no preservatives or additives. The plant where their dry pasta is produced lies to the north of the island at Agios Athanasios, but all the fresh pasta is made at the shop in town.

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