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Welcome to Papayiannides flavours of Greece
The vision became reality and almost immediately the quality and taste of the Papayiannides range of products are awarded Great Taste Awards, the utmost measure of quality and excellence of food products.

On the island of Lesvos, Nikos V. Papayiannides began a vision. To rekindle forgotten flavours of the Aegean region, by using natural and fine quality ingredients. Hence, in 1999, he founded the Papayiannides – Flavours of Greece – Company. With recipes, some dating back as far as 1895. From his mother Lela and his grandmothers Efthimia and Helen and with modern, state of the art equipment, he managed to combine tradition and technology in the making of his range of products.

Dear friends,
I want to thank you for the trust you have shown to our products and remind you that:

  • Our products procedures are in accordance to HACCP standards.
  • We only use seasonal fruit and vegetable for our products.
  • Most of the fruits we use for our products is from our own estate’s produce.
  • None of our products contain artificial preservatives.
  • All our jams and marmalades contain over 68% fruit content.
  • The mastiff we use in some of our products, is from its traditional homeland, the island of Chios
  • The ouzo and the honey we use in some of our products, is from the island of Lesvos (Mitilini)
  • Our sauces are preserved in virgin olive oil which is produced on our estate.
  • Our range is available in jars of 380gr.
  • We are always experimenting new flavour combinations and new product ideas to develop new and exciting products.


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