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Our olive oil is produced in Candia, Argolis, Greece, just  15 minutes from the historical city of Nafplio. There, the Tzamalis family has created a 100 year lasting tradition in the field of agriculture with nationwide recognition and prizes.

George and Rebecca Tzamalis, along with their sons Theofilos and Orestes make up the 3rd and 4th generation of olive oil producers. Based on their passion for land, olive oil and respect for family tradition, they founded Oleomania with the intent to innovate. This was achieved by their scientific knowledge and thought, since Rebecca is economist, George and Orestes are electrical engineers and Theofilos is a pharmacist. The blending of tradition and science, has led them to new unexplored trails for olive oil and more specifically to the category of protective health olive oils with high concentrations of polyphenols.

Our aim is to inspire you to add high phenolic olive oil into your daily diet.
Our commitment is to provide you with high profile products that combine gastronomy with health.

Our olive grove is made up of 100% koroneiki variety olive trees, ideal for high phenolic olive oils!

The process of harvesting and oiling occurs in the month of October. The oiling is daily and begins immediately after the end of the harvest in a two phase ecological mill.

A cold extraction is performed at temperatures below 27 degrees Celsius without the interference of water. This process increases production costs and reduces the output of olive oil per kilo of fruit.

However, it gives us the opportunity to supply you with a product of the highest quality and low acidity which has retained all its qualitative but also chemical elements such as health-protective polyphenols.

It is a great pleasure when our effort and devotion 
to premium olive oil are awarded at international competitions.

  • Gold Award at Οlympia Health & Nutrition Awards 2018
  • Gold Award at Aristoleo High Phenolic Awards 2018

  • Bronze Award at London IOOC 2018


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