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6, A. Miaouli str., Agios Georgios, Veroia 59100, Greece http://midasgardens.com
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And those (the first kings of the Macedonians), arriving in another region of Macedonia, settled near the gardens that say that they were Midas, the son of Gordian, where they grow wild roses, each of them having sixty leaves and their scent They excel all others. In these gardens, as the Macedonians tell, was caught in the trap and Silenus. And above is a mountain that is called Vermio, unspoiled by the cold winter. (Herodotus 8.138).

In the beloved of the Olympian gods of Imathia, beneath the snow-covered Vermio Mountain, a lush green land is spread out, known to the ancient Greeks as “the Midas’ Gardens”. As the golden King of Phrygia touched her, this land is still the focus of the production of a variety of, extremely high-quality agricultural products. In this blessed place we created the company “Ellinika Trofima” in 2014.

The desire to produce high quality food, the use of the best raw materials, careful, local small-scale crops and the ability to produce innovative products are the philosophy of our company. An important chapter is the company’s human potential, combining experience and knowledge with enthusiasm and modernity. Composing just the tradition of the place, the creative experimentation and the mood for innovation, we created and marketed the exquisite products called “Midas’ Gardens”.

Visible Lab

Our laboratory is located in Agios Georgios, Imathia, at the center of the production of Greek pepper and indeed the famous Pepper Florina, on which many of our products are based.Our facilities are accessible by professionals as well as by tourists on request. Our goal through Cooking Courses & Gastronomy Programs is to get to know the local gastronomy and the beauties of the place that felt Midas … touch.


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