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Leontarakis family is closely related to the Cretan honey and the art of apiculture. Since 1948, the family has been active in this field, having put into practice innovative ideas and techniques. Today, with the experience of three generations and our commitment towards tradition, we keep producing and harvesting pure, natural Cretan honey for you

Offering a pure product of highest quality and the experience of the unique and authentic Cretan honey to our ever-trusted consumers is our constant vision. We further hope “Authentic” travels around the globe, along with all the aromas and flavors of Crete and, of course, bees remain safe. With our ever-lasting respect to the craft of beekeeping, tradition, bees, nature and humans.

Premium Quality
Great experience, high level of expertise and technological proficiency result in the production of the finest honey.

Strict standards of the Quality Assurance System
We conduct quality controls and organoleptic evaluations.

Minimum intervention
During standardization, the least possible processing takes place, resulting in a product of high quality with all the nutrients, aromas and flavors kept intact.

Melicreta-Leontarakis company was formed in 2008. Its facilities are located in Lygaria, 21 km northwest of the city of Heraklion, Crete, in a newly constructed, privately owned building of 450 m2 and surrounding area of 6000m2. They are built on a mountainside that extends down to the sea. Both the building and the surrounding area are subject to bioclimatic/eco design. Energy saving and rational use systems and technologies are employed, completing the bioclimatic design and maximizing the performance of the building. The standardization unit is technologically fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery of high standards. The production and packaging lines are complete and automated, thus ensuring the highest quality and the maximum performance of the final product. It conforms to and meets all the standards of the Quality Assurance System (HACCP/ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005).

The “Authentiko” Cretan Honey stands out due to its content of the aromas and flavors of Crete. Its supreme intense and fine taste corresponds to its quality. It combines all these elements of taste and flavor that contribute to its excellence! 


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