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So we are a family of scientists with a specialization in economics and education that started production and shortly afterwards the availability of thyme honey, pure hobby at first, but also with infinite love for the wonderland of the bee!

Soon the world embraced the high quality and the whole presence of the product.

Today, three years later, with a lot of effort and struggle, we are very proud of this, to collect and to pack two excellent rows of thyme honey.

Our first facilities are located on the eastern side of Hymettus in various locations and overlook the Mediterranean Plain and the sea.

The collection of our honey is made from the adjacent slopes and thymeters of Hymettus.

Great weight and special emphasis and care we also give to the collection of our Thyme honey from selected beautiful Greek Aegean islands.

The ideal weather conditions required for the production of Thyme Honey and the short flowering period make it extremely difficult and unpredictable.

The beekeeper should have a large number of beehives, equipment and increased care for a satisfactory production. This is why the price of Thyme honey is higher than other honey varieties.

The Melicci , the Greek honey production, arrange to collect the best quality honey and give your products the most satisfactory prices.

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