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Saviolakis Family, is one of the oldest beekeeping families of Crete and Greece, with a tradition of over 250 years. With skills and knowledge transferred in secrecy and reverence from generation to generation until today and the basic principle to collect honey of the highest quality and process it gently, we manage to retain all its nutrients, its authentic flavor and unique aroma.


“Sfakiano Honey” by Saviolakis Family, is collected from the White Mountains, at an altitude of up to 1,500 meters. It is a pure and virgin area, with unique natural beauty and value, protected by the Greek and European legislation as a result of rare endemic species of plants and animals. It an area of NATURA and the National Park of Samaria.


Our honey is collected during the summer time by thyme, a unique aromatic shrub of our country. Thyme honey, whose quantity is limited compared to other species, is considered to have unique aroma and flavor. It has a high nutritional value due to its stimulant and antiseptic properties, preventive effect on cardiovascular disorders and a beneficial effect in diseases of the urinary and digestive system.


Our company is located in Anopoli, Sfakia, 84 km south of the city of Chania, Crete. Our modern facilities meet all national and international food safety standards.


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