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Lambrou family created Kumilio in 2015.

Our goal
Our goal is to promote the Kimi fig, fresh and sundried, a fruit that ranks high in the history of greek diet and which combines an exceptional sweet taste with rare nutritional value.

The processes of cultivation and management are based on the traditional methods that were evolved in the region of Kimi throughout the centuries. Despite the undeniable respect to this tradition, we keep on looking for improvements and new ways to highlight the value of the Kimi fig. Except for whole sundried Kimi figs the company offers a series of products all having the Kimi fig as their main ingredient: fig marmalade, fig bars and fig syrup.

They grow approximately 300 fig trees in the village Kadi of Kimi, where they also run a small sorting and processing unit.

The fine nature of the fig excludes any mechanical processing.

Cropping time starts on the first half of August and ends early September. On each visit to the site we only pick up the over-mature figs.


Having slit and opened them up, we then place them on wooden racks for sun-drying, i.e. exposing them to direct sunlight and open air from 2 to 4 days. Then follows sorting out and figs of similar size are matched in pairs, giving us the final form of the product known as the “Kimi fig” or “askada”. Askadas are put once again onto the racks for another 2 days’ sun-drying. The process is completed with sterilization at which time the figs are being boiled and dried. During sterilization, no sulfur vapors or chemical preservatives are being used.

Inside each airtight package, the figs are accompanied by a laurel leaf, as an aromatic and natural preservative.


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