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Combining family tradition with modern technology produce dairy products of superior quality, always respecting the consumer. The family run “Kastros” engaged in the production of milk products for three generations, passing the secrets of production from generation to generation! Their philosophy is based on the production of safe products with high quality standards to meet the needs of the modern consumer. At all stages of production, from raw material, intermediates up to the final products, the quality control department of the company follows the path of the product and conduct a series of strict quality control of production conditions in order to ensure the safety and quality of products, that reach the consumer’s table. The authentic Corfu Butter produced from the family Kastro for more than 40 years now, keeping the original recipe made from fresh pasteurized cow’s milk, which comes from Corfu animals fed solely by the special flora of Corfu. The secret of purity and unique flavors of butter comes from the uniqueness of Corfu fauna, and high quality milk. The unique taste and purity of butter Corfu is recognized worldwide through quality and tasting competitions. The Corfu Butter can be used both in cooking, pastry making and simple use, adding unique flavor to every creation! – Copyright © wondergreece.gr

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