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Karpos was founded in 2010 by a team of professionals with a life-long passion for the best, locally produced quality food with one aim: to offer artisan quality food with the responsiveness of a startup and the professionalism of a multinational. It is not by coincidence that our customer list includes some of the world’s most demanding retailers.

Translating our “tag line” in reality:

-we offer great products: unique, quality products in beautifully designed packaging

-we offer product lines (not single products) which help attract attention on the retailers shelf

-we are trustworthy and reliable. our customers are our best reference.

-we are experienced in production: we operate 2 production facilities while collaborating with a small network of contractual artisan producers.

-we are experienced in exports: already exporting to 3 continents and 10 countries

-we offer a mix of specialty and volume (scalable) products to allow for differentiation and volume at the same time.

-we remain true to our artisan, naturally produced products

-we constantly innovate in collaboration with academics who help us with r&d.

-we are customer focused: we can only progress if we work together

-we are flexible in developing custom solutions for our clients

We have intentionally chosen to market our products under distinct brands in order to highlight their individual unique character and qualities.

Olive Products: 

Nine unique products ranging from organic monovarietal, single grove olive oils , unique tapenades and all natural raw olives.

Vinegars and Condiments: 

Three aged aromatic vinegars and three unique dressings based on aged vinegar and fruit nectars to spice up any recipe.

Honey Products: 

We only select the most unique Wild Honey of each year and offer them in a series of limited edition boxes Our delicate Sesame & Honey snack completes the range.

Snacks, NutSun-dried Fruits and Pickles: 

Award-winning series of hand selected snacks, dried fruits, nuts and pickles.

Organic Tomato Sauces and Ready Meals: 

A unique proposal of organic tomato sauces and ready made meals prepared in small batches and based on superior ingredients like heirloom organic ox-heart tomatoes.

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