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Olive groves and olive varieties
Our olives are hand-picked from the slopes of Mount Aenos on the beautiful island of Kefalonia. Our ancient groves on the edges of the national forest are approximately 800 metres above sea-level. The location of our olive groves between sea and mountain makes use of the ideal growing conditions for these olives.

Our oil is produced from local olive varieties primarily Thiako, Dopia and Koroni. This well-balanced superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a smooth combination of slightly sweet fruitiness with a gentle peppery finish. Other varieties found on the island are Manaki, Matolia, Korfolia.

Olive oil in Greece, which dates back 4000 years, is globally acknowledged for its purity and exceptional taste. More than 80% of the Greek olive oil is extra virgin, which is the top-ranked classification category in the world. This constitutes Greece as the world’s largest producer of extra virgin olive oil.

Production and bottling process
We personally supervise all stages of production and bottling to ensure the finest quality product.

Crushing and olive oil extraction process is performed at cold temperatures, with the max temperature being 29o C so that  all the good characteristics of the olive oil are maintained. Our olive oil contains no artificial flavourings or additives.

We only bottle the best extra virgin olive oil from Kefalonia. That is why our olive oil is of superior quality and taste.

Awards and accreditation
Also, we are very proud to have won a gold star for our oil in the prestigious British food and drink competition ‘Great Taste Awards 2013’.

In keeping with our desire for excellence we ensure that our facilities are ISO22000 accredited.

Furthermore, our product undergoes regular laboratory testing and panel tasting.


Island and family background
Kefalonia is located on the West coast of Greece and it is the largest of the seven Ionian Islands. A large island with diverse and dramatic scenery, Kefalonia has many wonderful bays and inlets which help to form its unusual shape. The south of the island is dominated by the forest covered Mount Aenos which reaches a height of 1628m (5341ft).

Our island became famous with the release of “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”  in 2001, based on the novel by the English author, Louis de Berniere.

Kefalonia has a history dating back over 40,000 years and is rich with archeological sites including evidence that Odysseus originated from Kefalonia!

Our family (Migliaressi) first arrived at the island from Italy in the early 15th Century and soon became one of the most influential families; this culminated when the family recieved a noble title from the ruling Venetian family.

Our long standing family tradition of producing superior extra virgin olive oil dates back to the early 20th century with our grandfather Agisilaos Migliaressi. After studying agronomy in France, Agisilaos returned to Kefalonia and applied the new  cultivation techniques, revolutionary for that time, which he had learnt and dramatically changed both olive oil production and wine making on the island.

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