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45, Grigoriou Lampraki str., Likovrisi, Attica 14123, Greece E: info@hae-gr.com http://www.hae-gr.com
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Hellenic Agricultural Enterprises has been inspired by our wish to promote highest quality agricultural products from Lesvos, like our extra virgin olive oils, and other parts of Greece in global markets.

We aim to introduce consumers around the world to the distinctive flavors and products that Lesvos and Greece have to offer. Our commitment is to maintain high standards of quality using choice ingredients and traditional processes, upholding our core values of high nutritional value, fair prices, and environmental sustainability.

Our logo presents the coat of arms of our family’s ancestors, depicting a dove perched upon the globe, and carrying an olive branch in its beak. Aside from its portrayal of our family heritage, we selected it to represent us because it expresses the ideal of global peace, and also symbolizes the spiritual and material significance of the olive as nourishment for the mind and body that transcends cultures throughout the world.

It is displayed on most of our brands:
ACAIA for our premium extra virgin olive oils and olive-based products
Aeolian Olive for more high quality olive oils
L&KO Organic extra virgin olive oil in Japan
Hebe for all-natural Greek fruit preserves (spoon sweets)
Ceraon for wines

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