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Ancient Nemea, Korinthos 20500, Greece E:
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Organic Corinth Currants dried in the Shade.

In our family the cultivation of vines has always been a tradition. Since 1876, the “vine culture” was passed on from generation to generation through the production of wine and currants. Therefore, one of the youngest members of the family, George, decided to take action in the cultivation, drying and standardization of currants and provide this Greek treasure, the “black gold”, as it has been described in the most unique way.

Location: Nemea in Corinthia. Variety: Corinth currants.

Harvesting: They should be strictly harvested with great care when the grapes have reached 27 degrees Brix in late August.

Origin of the Grapes: From organic privately owned vineyards with a limited yield of grapes.

Differentiation: Drying in the Shade, the natural way.

Drying process: The grapes are placed to dry in “purpose-built drying tents” and are left there to dry for 30-60 days. Following that they are carefully removed and placed in the sun for one day to complete the drying procedure.

Features: Dark blue/black colour, full ‘body’ intact flesh, authentic aromas and taste of Corinth Currants without caramelized sugars. Organic farming: Certification & Inspection Organization of Organic Products DIO.

Awards: 1.Great Taste 2013-Golden star (the first and unique GTA currants worldwide) 2. One of the 50 best agricultural products in 2013 according to the industry magazine “Food & Beverage”.


Why they are good for you

  • They are a very good source of antioxidant polyphenols. Polyphenols have antioxidant properties.
  • They possess anti-tumour activities – particularly with regard to the colon and stomach.
  • They also possess antimicrobial and antibacterial activity and vasodilating action.
  • They contain large amounts of trace elements namely magnesium, zinc and potassium (regulators of blood pressure).
  • Given that the currants are consumed with their skin, they have a very high percentage of fibres – more precisely in the Corinth currants this percentage is higher than in the other varieties.
  • Corinth currants have a very high antioxidant content, higher than sultanas.
  • Their sweetness is due to the high content of fructose, which has a very low glycemic index (19) compared to glucose (100) and as a result the currants have a moderate glycemic index (55-63).
  • Recent scientific studies have shown that Corinth currants are a super-food and more precisely beneficial for diabetics.
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