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Greeks learnt and loved honey, earlier than olive oil and far sooner than wine. In ancient Greece, bee and its products were highly respected by people and their Gods, (the myth wants the King of Gods, Zeus to be bred with goat milk and honey by Nymph Bee.
Nowadays, Greek honey is famous worldwide, due to its excellent quality, unique fragrance and rich flavor. These advantages are generously offered by Greek flora, which combines a large number of aromatic plants and herbs with fruit and forest trees. Limited intensive farming and lack of genetically modified plants affirm the naturalism of Greek honey.
The standardization procedure after honey harvest, guarantee the preservation of its characteristics. In our packaging laboratory, honey is submitted in mild heat treatment, in order to preserve its nutritional value, enzymes and trace elements. Different kinds of honey are blended and honey obtains stable fragrance and flavor. Filtering procedure is avoided, as it degrades the product by removing flower pollen, bee’s trace on honey.
Greek bee is exclusively responsible for the production of this unique product. We just try to preserve its quality and promote it with its packaging.

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Η εταιρεία “ΓΛΥΚΟΝ ΕΣΤΙ” συνεργάζεται αποκλειστικά από το 2010 με την κερκυραική αλυσίδα super market “ΓΑΛΑΞΙΑΣ Α.Ε.” και “ΜΑΡΚΑΤΟ Α.Ε.”. Το μέλι μας, βρίσκεται και στα 18 καταστήματα της αλυσίδας, γνωστής ως ΔΗΜΗΤΡΑ ΜΑRKEΤ, από τα άκρα του νησιού (ΑΧΑΡΑΒΗ, ΣΙΔΑΡΙ ΚΑΙ ΛΕΥΚΙΜΜΗ ), μέχρι και το κέντρο της πόλης. Όλοι οι Κερκυραίοι δοκίμασαν, προτίμησαν και αγάπησαν το προιόν μας, και θέλουμε να τους ευχαριστήσουμε γι αυτό.

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