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The figs, dried or fresh, have many and important benefits for the human organism. According to nutritionists, figs are poor in fat and cholesterol and they are rich in dietary fiber and metals such as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Magnesium and Iron. The soluble fiber they have, creates a feeling of fullness in the stomach, aiding to weight loss, but also promotes the health of colon.

Currently 12 Greek varieties of figs are cultivated in Greece. Our figs belong to the famous Smyrna Variety and are cultivated exclusively in a strictly defined geographical area of Northern Evia. They are famous for their quality, delicate peel and sweetness. Naturally dried in the sun, are available dried with their natural color and whitened.

Whitening is done by the traditional smoking in sulfur dioxide method, which takes place next to the collection area by the trees. This is the first way to fight bugs and insects while whitening is naturally completed by the sun’s rays. Sulfur dioxide works at the same time as the only preservative of the fruit. White figs are the first in demand and consumption.

The figs are hand-picked one by one and delivered for disinfecting and packaging in the Taxiarchis Agricultural Cooperative. The Agricultural Cooperative is internationally certified for standardization based on the following standards:

  • AGRO 2.1 & AGRO 2.2
  • EN ISO 22000: 2005
  • EN ISO 9000: 2008

This ensures that our product has been processed with the best hygiene and protection conditions, under certified techniques, storage facilities and processing methods. The long year experience of the Cooperative is another assurance for the consumer.

As of June 2012 and in accordance with Decision No. EC EL-PDO0005-0790-23.09.2009, published in the Official Journal of the European Commission, Dried Figs Taxiarchi (Xira Syka Taxiarchi) resulting from dried figs (Ficus carica) of the “Smyrneiki” variety is Protected Designation Product Of Origin.


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