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eteo “Be Genuine”
Creativeness can be a powerful motivation especially when it honors the wisdom of Genuineness.

Our inspiration has its origins in one of the most ‘genuine’ eras of antiquity – ever since Homer, the greatest poet of all, ushered – in the word eteo to describe the native, authentic, genuine inhabitants of the island of Crete, the Genuine Cretans: The Eteo – Cretans.

There is a land called Crete in the midst of the wine-blue sea, a beautiful and fertile land, surrounded by the sea; in it there are many people, innumerable, and there are ninety cities. The language is mingled with other languages. There are Akhaians, there are greathearted Eteo-Cretans, there are Kydones, and Dorians in their three clans, and noble Pelasgians.

[Homer, Odyssey XIX, lines 172 – 177]

The Drop “Our Bottle”
We hold a deep reverence for the nature of olive oil:

The olive paste is stirred slowly in a special container and the microscopic oil droplets unite resulting in bigger drops.

The shape of our bottle – that of a perfect drop – embodies both Genuineness and Elegancy.

Two genuine elements – porcelain and olive tree wood – are borrowed from Mother Earth and brought into harmony with one another, creating the “perfect drop-like” shape of our bottle.
Porcelain, or ceramic, not only offers olive oil the best protection from sunlight and air, but is also the same material used by the Eteo – Cretans for the storage of their olive oil for over the past 2,500 years.

Olive tree wood is used as a cap not only to grant the bottle a final elegant touch, but also to illustrate the genuineness of the olive oil the vessel contains.

A genuine and elegant bottle for a genuine and premium olive oil.

The Drop… “Birth of eteo”

Blessing “Our Organic Olive Oil”
The dawn of its history coincides with that of humankind’s first society.

Its preciousness has been worshipped by all religions and has been related with all kinds of human myths.

The acknowledgement it has received has established it as a universal symbol of prosperity and peace.

The beneficial ingredients found within each and every drop have affirmed it as a “blessing.”

The harvesting and milling of our olives is performed with much devotion and respect – a devotion during the harvest that allows the retention of the healthy properties of our high – quality olives, and a respect during the milling process that ensures that our organic extra virgin olive oil is of premium quality.

A Blessing … “Only the genuine thrives”

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