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50, Fleming str., Marousi 15125, Athens, Greece E: info@hellenicfields.gr https://enaena.gr
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Two childhood friends who joined forces in our professional paths having a common aim and goal: to create products rich in flavour, aroma and nutritional value having as main guide the respect to the environment and the purity of Greek nature. Products that reach our table and honour the Mediterranean Greek diet. Products that above all are made with passion and enthusiasm.

We are producers of our own herbs and olive oil, providing all the necessary guarantees for their superior quality. We work with fervour. We train, we are at the production points, we collaborate, we learn hands-on, we take care of our groves, our cultivated fields and our partners, and we make products of high nutritional value, rich in nutrients.

We are present in all stages of production, active workers and watchful assessors to make sure, each of us, of the high quality of the products we make and the conservation of the purity of the land we cultivate.

We work with experienced bee keepers from all over Greece, selected based on strict criteria and their unfailing love for pure, quality products. Our partners are people who love their country and respect the people and the traditions. They take care of their land with fervour and they are proud of the exceptional quality of their honey.

‘ena ena’ we take care of our olive groves depending on their individual needs

Our olive groves belong to different parts of Greece, at different altitudes, different soil composition, different microclimate – temperature, humidity, sunshine periods, rainfall. Different needs. Each grove is unique and its care requires a unique approach. Adhering to the principles for the protection of the environment and the least possible interference, we care for our groves one by one, adjusting to their needs so as to avoid diseases and the excessive use of fertilisers or pesticides, and to conserve water, this way safeguarding not only our olive groves but also the natural balance. We follow a Comprehensive Management system in each of our groves, contributing to the sustainable conservation of the natural environment and the scenery, while at the same time providing our consumers – customers with healthy products of high nutritional value.

‘ena ena’ we select our partners with strict criteria

We know and select with very strict criteria our collaborators in the olive groves, the fields, the oil presses, the bottling and packaging, our bee keepers, our assistants in all stages of production. They are people who have been selected as much for their integrity as professionals as for their bottomless love for pure, quality products. They are governed by the same personal code of ethics as us. They honour the work they do and we are always together offering each other help, knowledge, know-how and experience. Through the collaboration we develop and we walk the long and sometimes strenuous road of agricultural production with the eyes turned on one common goal: the production of superior quality products for the sake of consumers’ health and the protection of nature.

ena ena’ we supervise the stages of the production process

We participate in one by one the stages of the production process, from the initial stage right up to the final delivery of our products for sale. As oil producers we are there, in the grove, the field, the mountain, wherever the creation of our products is taking place. We know our trees, we monitor the flowering, the fruition, we are there at harvest, the sorting, the transportation to the olive press. We are present during the extraction of our olive oil, scrutinising every stage with reverence. At the same time, we are the ones undertaking the sorting, drying and packaging of our herbs. Simultaneously, we are present when the honey is harvested. We learn, help, participate, we stand nearby the bee keeper for anything he might need. We consider it of outmost importance to have in-depth knowledge of all stages of production and with our participation we ensure the excellent quality of our products that carry the name ‘ena ena’

‘ena ena’ we select our products so they are of high nutritional value, superior quality and unique aesthetics

Our products, our olives and herbs, are selected by us and are collected through our own labour by hand. Each product goes through strict quality control in every stage of the production process and it is constantly inspected by us. Each batch undergoes laboratory analyses and sensory evaluations carried out by experts as well as by us. The safety and quality of our products are for us all a non negotiable principle and a cornerstone of our existence and development. Our care does not stop at the production but reaches to the packaging or bottling of the product, as these stages too are unique elements of our identity. Wanting to stress our different approach to each of our products and underline the uniqueness of the content, we created every packaging separately with each design unique and of exceptional aesthetics!

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