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NOMEE was born out of our love for the Greek products. Our vision is to create a culture around them, in Greece and globally. Our daily life is about researching the market and adapting our services to its expanding needs and capabilities. Our goal is for every producer to feel safe and confident and every visitor of NOMEE to enjoy a “delicious” trip throughout Greek gastronomy.

ΝΟΜΗ corners

ΝΟΜΗ corners is a new service that we offer to you, through which we, on our customer’s behalf, research and contact the most suitable stores and delicatessens in Greece and abroad, and create a NOMEE corner in them. This corner is carefully designed and curated by NOMEE, so we make sure that your products are being displayed in the best way possible.  The selection of the products is always based upon the space capabilities of each store.

Our goal

Our goal is to support and contribute in making the greek products and tradition known to the whole world. Every single one of our producers creates their products with “meraki”* and we are more than happy to be able to link this to our Greek culture and share it with our visitors.

*meraki: created with soul, creativity & love

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